Family-Friendly Attractions You Cannot Miss Out In Greenville

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Greenville is the 3rd largest urban city of South Carolina and one of the fastest-growing cities. Greenville boasts about its diverse cultural sites, it is home to some of the most spectacular museums, world-class art galleries, and plenty of adventure destinations. Some of the most popular attractions not to miss out in Greenville include Falls Park on the Reedy, Paris Mountain State Park, Greenville Zoo, Downtown Greenville, Falls Park Drive, Liberty Bridge, Cleveland Park, the Children’s Museum, etc.

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Check Out These Incredible Destinations In Greenville:

Falls Park on the Reedy

Falls Park on the Reedy

Falls Park on the Reedy was founded in 1967 and is a large park located in downtown Greenville along with the West End District.  This region is considered the birthplace of Greenville and is notable for hosting the Upstate Shakespeare Festival. This 26-acre park is home to one of the most fascinating pedestrian bridge- the Liberty Bridge that is encompassed by a waterfall.

Paris Mountain State Park

Paris Mountain State Park
The Bath House (1930s), Paris Mountain State Park, Greenville

Paris Mountain State Park is a 1540 acres state park is situated in the northern region of Greenville, South Carolina.  This region is a monadnock mountain with an elevation of 2000 feet. Today the Paris Mountain region is one of the best places to enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, picnicking, boating, fishing, and camping.

Greenville Zoo

Greenville Zoo

First opened in 1960, Greenville Zoo is situated in 151 Cleveland Park Dive and is one of the most visited zoos.  From bicycle rides, picnic tables, children’s playground to spotting animals, this park has it all. The zoo is home to Masai giraffes, African lions, reptiles, lizards, snakes, and many more.

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Hottest Tourist Destinations in Bismarck for Solo Travelers

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Bismarck the second most populated city of North Dakota is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Although comparatively smaller in size as regards many of its counterparts, Bismarck is an engineering marvel as well as a timeless beauty booming with endless destinations to keep its visitors entertained from different parts of the world. Some of the hottest tourist destinations in Bismarck include Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, Dakota Zoo, North Dakota Heritage Centre and State Museum, Custer House, Sertoma Park, Cottonwood Park, etc.

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Hottest Tourist Destinations in Bismarck For Solo Travelers

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Sertoma Park

Sertoma Park, Bismarck

Sertoma Park is located in North Dakota and is a three-mile park that starts from the riverside-trail up to the Missouri River. From lengthy citywide trails, paved paths to endless recreational activities, this park has it all for nature lovers. This park is also one of the best places for animals to watch a sit is home to about 125 animal species.

Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park

Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, Bismarck

Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park is located in the southern region of Mandan, North Dakota. This park is home to the quaint Slant Indian –village, old military buildings, cluster houses, Lincoln fort, Five Nations art gallery, 95 campsites and one of the best regions to undertake horseback riding, fishing, hiking, etc.

Dakota Zoo

Dakota Zoo, Bismarck

No trip is complete to Bismarck without visiting the Dakota Zoo that is located on the banks of River Missouri. First opened in June 1961, the zoo has a good concentration of different animal species ranging from miniature horses, donkeys, pigs, Dall sheep, reindeer, mooses, bobcats, foxes, wolves, bears, tigers, snow leopards, coyotes, turkeys, monkeys, owls, etc.

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Top Three Family-Friendly Destinations in Appleton

Appleton is located on the county seat of Winnebago in the United States and is the third-largest state after Madison and Milwaukee. Appleton is an emerging tourist destination and home to many regional events like Octoberfest, Mile of Music, Flag Day Parade, Christmas parade and many more. From enjoying incredible sunsets to experiencing the best coffee culture Appleton is unarguably one of the best holiday destinations. Some of the most popular destinations in Appleton include Appleton Memorial Park, Butterfly Garden, and Farmer’s Market, Fox Trot Trail, Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve, Hearthstone Historic House Museum, Paper Discovery Center and many more.

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History Museum at the Castle

The History Museum at the castle is a historical museum situated at Appleton, Wisconsin. Initially, it was called Masonic Temple and was built around 1923. This museum was the recipient of the highest museum award- the National Medal for Museum and Library Science in 2018. It has also earned a spot in the National Register of Historic Places. The museum features a huge collection of art crafts, personal documents and around 35,000 photographs of McCarthy, Edna Ferber, and Houdini.

Hearthstone Historic House Museum

Hearthstone Historic House Museum is a converted museum in Appleton. Originally it served as a residence for Henry James Rogers who was the executive of a paper company and was also known as Henry J. Rogers House. In 1974, it was designated in the National Register of Historic Places. Today the house is open to the public from November till January and showcases the earliest Hydro-electric station.

Barlow Planetarium

Barlow Planetarium is located within the University of Wisconsin and has been named after F. John Barlow- the largest donator of the building. The planetarium was first open to the public in 1998 and features a 102 seating planetarium along with a 10,000 watt sound system.

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Top Three Beautiful Destinations Not To Miss Out in Cleveland

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Cleveland also is known as the forest city is the 52nd largest city of Ohio, a city celebrated for its interesting culture, great food, amazing sports culture, and friendly locals on all occasions. Cleveland although witnesses lesser tourist population than other cities, is blessed with a wealth of attractions ranging from world-class museums, markets, natural beauty and plenty of parks. Some of the major tourist attraction in Cleveland includes Cleveland Museum of Art, the Rock and roll Hall of Fame, the Playhouse Square, the Cleveland Orchestra and many more.

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Cleveland Museum of Art

Cleveland Museum of Art

The Cleveland Museum of Art was founded in 1913 by HinmanHurlbut, Horace Kelly, and John Huntington. Tucked away in Wade Park District this museum is home to more than 61000 artworks from different parts of the world. This museum exhibits both temporary and permanent works and witnesses more than 7, 70,000 visitors annually making it one of the most visited and wealthiest museums in the world.

Cleveland Metro parks Zoo

Cleveland Metro parks Zoo

The Cleveland Metro parks Zoo was founded in 1882 and are one of the most visited zoos in the world. Spanning across an area of 183 acres, this zoo features African Savanna, Northern Wilderness trek, the primate, cat and aquatics building, the rainforest, Australian adventure and many more. This zoo has an incredible collection of primates and it witnesses more than 1 million visitors annually.  

West Side Market

west side market cleveland

Westside market is located in 25th street Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. It is one of the oldest markets that was founded in 1840. In 1973 this market was listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

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Top Tourist Attractions in Albany to Include In Your 2020 Bucket List

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Albany is located only a few hours away from the southern region of Memphis along Bankhead Highway. Albany is widely celebrated for being a shopping district an absolute delight for nature lovers and alike. The coffee roaster city is an incredible holiday destination as it offers an interesting mix of culture and urban experiences. Whether you are rooting for a place where you can experience a rowdy nightlife or looking for some wine tasting farmyards, Albany has it all.

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Here are some of the top destinations in Albany worth visiting at least once with your family:

Wolf Howl Animal Preserve

This animal reserve is located on the outskirts of New Albany and reserve six adult wolves and other animals. This wolf sanctuary is one of the best regions to gets some information about the beautiful creatures and many beautiful sites are encompassi9ng the preserve.

The Ingomar Indian Mounds

This region is located a few miles away from the Tanglefoot Trail created by the native American during the Middle Woodland period. This place is as old as 100 BC and is widely celebrated for its Ingomar mounds which a mound complex surrounded by small conical shaped mounds.

Tanglefoot Trail

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Amazing Facts about Chicago Which No One Will Tell You

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Chicago is the third most populated city of the United States with an estimated population of 10 million people. Chicago is also one of the most visited destinations and is widely celebrated for its significant contribution in the field of tourism and urban planning. From steel framed –skylines, national monuments, museums, iconic landmarks to stunning lakes and gigantic theme parks, Chicago is sure a place closer to your heart. With a little planning and research, it’s important to acquaint oneself about Chicago so that you don’t get culture shock on landing up there. Find here more interesting facts about Chicago and what makes it so special.

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Amazing Facts about Chicago

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  1. The word Chicago has been originally derived from the French word-Shikaakwa according to the indigenous people of Miami-Iiilnois about a wild onion or wild garlic that grew abundantly across that region.
  2. Chicago has also been nicknamed as the Windy City, Second City, City of big shoulders and Chi-town.
  3. Chicago was originally incorporated in 1837 along the shores of Lake Michigan between Mississippi River and the Great Lakes.
  4. Chicago is an important hub for finance, culture, research and development, science and technology, telecommunications, trade, etc.
  5. Chicago has been listed as one of the top cities with the highest GDP contribution and contemporarily it is home to 500 fortune companies like Kraft Heinz, Allstate, Boeing, McDonald’s, Exelon, Sears, Walgreens and many more.
  6. In 2018 Chicago was listed as one of the most visited cities with an estimated visitor of 58 million at both domestic and international levels.
  7. Some of the most popular landmarks in Chicago include the Millennium Park, the Museum of Science and Industry, Navy Pier, the Magnificent Mile, the Willis Tower, Lincoln Park Zoo and many more.

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Amazing Tourist Destination in Rhode Island for Ultimate Fun and Adventure

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Rhode Island or the Ocean State is one of the smallest and the seventh least populated cities in the United States. Irrespective of its small size Rhode Island is jam-packed with a punch of rich history, idyllic beaches and fresh seafood on every corner.  The historic city of Newport, Providence fun, the Block Island is something you can’t miss t afford while you are here.

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Top Tourist Attractions in Rhode Island

Make your reservations with Allegiant Airlines flights today if you want to travel far and wide with your friends and families without burning a hole in your pocket. Check out these top tourists destination in Rhode Island to explore with your family:

Roger Williams Parks Zoo

Roger Williams Park Zoo, Island

Roger Williams Parks Zoo was established in 1872 and it is amongst the oldest zoos. Roger Williams Parks Zoo is home to more than 150 animals and was the first in New England to be accredited with the Association of Zoos and Aquarium. Some of the major exhibits of this zoo include Alex and Ani Farmyard, Fabric of Africa, Our Big Backyard, Faces of the Rainforest, Jambo Junction, etc.

The Breakers

The Breakers, Island

Designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1994, the Breakers is a beautiful Vanderbilt mansion situated in Ochre Point Avenue, Rhode Island, United States. The mansion was originally built as a mansion for the Cornelius Vanderbilt II designed by the famous architect Richard Morris Hunt. The sculpted Iron Gate, the sophisticated interiors, the bedrooms, the gardens are some of the highlights of this mansion. 

Rhode Island School of Design Museum

Rhode Island School of Design Museum

Rhode Island School of Design Museum is the 20th largest art museum in Rhode Island. This museum exhibits more than 1,00,000 artworks and objects from different parts of the world like Africa, Asia, Greece, Rome, Europe, the Americas and many more. The most prominent contributors to this museum are Picasso, Monet, Paul Revere, Andy Warhol, Kara Walker, etc. If you are interested in booking cheap flight tickets or need complete booking assistance, you can visit Allegiant Airlines Official Site.